Just released! First Teaser for None More American: Army Football in Post-9/11 America

The last month, in a word, has been inspiring. We hit the road to start principle photography on None More American. The production team has been to West Point, New York City, Dallas, TX, and Tyler, TX. We have had the opportunity to film the Academy, football games, and cast members Ryan Kent, Will Sullivan, and Cason Shrode. We knew their stories would be special, but had no clue just how inspiring they would truly be. There is a humbleness about these warriors that make them that much more intriguing. We are truly blessed to have them step up for our country.

We have also begun to grow the list of participants in the film. From former coaches Bobby Ross and Stan Brock, to former players Joe Ross and Mike McElrath, our list of individuals willing to help tell this story on film continues to expand. There are a number of other individuals we are talking to that we look forward to having participate.

There is still much work to be done. We have managed to raise about $33k for the film thus far, but have a long way to go to fully fund the project. We have approached the first segment of this production in a nimble fashion, looking to get the best content at a limited cost.

In an effort to give our supporters some insight into production progress, we are proud to present the first true film teaser. Common themes – reasons why they came to West Point, the impact of 9/11, the understanding of teammates headed to war, and their service in combat when called upon. Please take a moment to view the Teaser and share it with your friends and family.

Additionally, please consider contributing to this film. A $25 contribution gets you a digital copy of the film. You can view the other contribution levels and make your selection here:   http://www.nonemoreamerican.com/?page_id=1216

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  1. Eric Rogow October 10, 2013 | reply
    Amazing! I'm so exited to see this. Great job!
  2. LouJane Brandenburgh October 10, 2013 | reply
    My nephew, Cason Shrode, is a living legend in my eyes and heart! I count it an honor to have this giant of a man in my family!
  3. Robin Shrode October 29, 2013 | reply
    Rob, James and I cannot thank you enough for your vision and you and your crew for telling these incredible mens' stories. We are so proud of not only our son Cason, but all these amazing young men and their strength, courage, integrity and honor. We will continue to help recruit funding for this project.

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