Who is Army Football? Cason Shrode

Who is Army Football? Cason Shrode. A hard-nosed linebacker who compiled 104 tackles his senior year, was voted team MVP, and selected to play in the 2007 Hula Bowl. A humble warrior. Branched Field Artillery and was attached to a Cavalry unit as a Fire Support Officer (FSO). Deployed to Afghanistan. Fought through the defense of Camp Keating, a command post that was heavily assaulted by Taliban forces and considered one of the most intense battles of the war. Received a Bronze Star for actions in battle. That’s Army Football.


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  1. Tim Clark October 10, 2013 | reply
    I personally know this young man. His character speaks volumes. We need more men like this gentleman as leaders of our country. Thank you Cason for your service. Honored to know you.
  2. Deborah Wright October 29, 2013 | reply
    We need the Cason Shrodes in today's world. He is a hero. We remember those in generations past that have served America with honor, He stands shoulder to shoulder with the Hero Veterans that have kept America and the World safer. Thank you Cason!!!

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